Ginger Lee

Ginger Lee Gets Lesbo In HD

Posted By admin on June 15, 2011

ginger lee HD

Ginger Lee has become famous overnight, and here you can watch this hottie from Nashville in her first Lesbian video. And to top that off, its in High Definition. These guys have about 7 full length videos videos of Mr. Wieners gal pal. And like I said, shot in 100% HD, and you can get a 3 day trial to watch it, without have to worry about what some tube site is putting on your computer for just $1.95. Thats pretty cheap considering her fame these days. And they have THOUSANDS of videos, not just this hot piece of ass southern ass. You can also see her banged in a van, and get it on with a married couple as well.
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Weiner looks HUGE in Ginger Lee’s little hand

Posted By admin on June 7, 2011

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He never shows his face, but he holds the camera while she tugs on his wiener. Seriously though, a really hot POV handjob scene with the lovely Ginger Lee looking up. Also, a really hot video of her showing off her cameltoe before she gets pounded. And really this weiner does look huge in her tiny hands. Click Here To Watch This Now

Oral Cumshot

Posted By admin on August 4, 2009

ginger lee

When I was a bit younger and cockier, I would look at a girl in a bar, and say to myself, I wonder what my cock would look like in her mouth? And I wonder what my cum would look like dripping out of it.

Well this video of Ginger Lee getting fucked hard and then cum oozing out of her perfect mouth, made me think of that. Seriously, this is one hot video of this georgeous porn star/stripper getting hammered and then a mouth full of manaise. As usual there are several free clips and tons of pictures too. If you want the whole thing, they offer you an ass load of porn for like .41 a day.
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Ok, now if your still reading this, I want your honest opinion. Do you think it would be a good business to open, selling a line of cum bibs? Like when you go eat crab legs they give you a bib, but this would be for cum, so chicks don’t get it on them and just keep in on thier faces? This is a serious question. I could have a pornstar like Ginger Lee or Sasha Grey sponsored by Neb’s Cum Bibs. We could have a race car and everything. What do you think?

Tennis Fantasy Video

Posted By admin on August 3, 2009

ginger lee fucking

Wow, what a hot fantasy movie this is. Ginger Lee in a tiny top and short tennis skirt, can you say mother fucking yummy. Watching her tongue the dudes balls she gets so close to being dirtier than ever and licking his asshole. Such a tease. Then he has her with her back to his chest, holding her by the legs, doing the flying cock squat!(yea i just made the name up) and you see why I call her a spinner. She handles like a fucking ferrari. Finally she gets on her back and lets him jam it home. Looking sexy with that signature Ginger Lee widows peak.
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Ginger Lee has a perfect ass too!

Posted By admin on August 2, 2009

Wow, I have said it before, and I am sure this isn’t the last time, Ginger Lee has the most georgeous pussy in porn. Well this video shows you she has the perfect asshole too. Our three preview movies start with a funny skit about being able to tell her age by counting the rings around her butthole. So of course she has to bend over and show it nice and close. Watch how she spreads perfectly in the second clip, making sure you can see her asshole while she is being hammered from behind. In the third preview she is totally egging the guy on to fuck her harder while she is on her back. Seriously, does anyone in porn look better than this chick? Every inch of this starlet should win a prize.
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More Ginger Lee!

Posted By admin on August 1, 2009

The peeps at Twistys have put up yet another set of our lovely starlet. These guys really make the models look awesome. They have 2000 models, 17000 videos and over a million pictures. This set has three Ginger Lee Videos of the solo variety. First she teases herself, and you. Then she gets you all hot by jamming a pink toy in her amazing cunt. And finally its blast off time.
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Ginger Lee fucking an older guy, she is working for.

Posted By admin on July 31, 2009

This is a pretty hot fantasy, about Ginger Lee being a nanny and fucking the man that she works for. Apparently, she had a similar experience in real life, which makes it even hotter. There are three free clips starting out with being walked in on while checking out the guys porn mag and rubbing her body, while wearing some cute tight fitting shorts and a black top with a matching bra. The second clip she is laying on her back getting fucked and talking with that sexy voice that only Ginger Lee has. In the third clip, you see her riding the cock reverse cowgirl, just bouncing and jamming the cock deeper. She really does have the perfect pussy.
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Posted By admin on July 29, 2009

Now as far as porn scenes go, one chick with several guys is pretty intense and very dirty. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the lovely Ginger Lee in a blowbang. She even does eeny, meany, miny, moe to pick one of the guys to fuck her. If you have a thing for hotties like this one, and you love to see just how dirty they can be, this is what your looking for. Her face gets absolutely covered in cum dripping from everywhere. Three free clips to decide if you want to download the full video.
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Ginger goes both ways!

Posted By admin on July 28, 2009

Someone as soft and sexy as Ginger Lee doesn’t always have to be strictly dickly, and can munch a little muff from time to time. Watch her gobble some cock, while getting licked in these free clips. If you like what you see you can get the full video, plus about a dozen others of this hottie being naughty, and download them, save them or watch them streaming from the site. Not only that, but they have 6,000 other videos too. Thats a lot of damn videos, and they add 3 every single day. If you like hot chicks on hot chicks not to mention, a bit of cock sucking and fucking thrown in
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Ginger Lee’s Glamour Pics

Posted By admin on July 26, 2009

These are absolutely georgeous pictures of Ginger Lee in a pink nighty, wearing her stripper heels, totally glamourous. This is just one set of many at Twistys of our favorite babe. In addition to all the hot pictures she has several dirty videos fucking herself and others. Totally worth the $1 signup fee, plus there are 2000 other chicks waiting to be watched by you, for that same fucking dollar. If you have a thing for for Miss Ginger, make sure to check these beautiful pictures out.

Ginger Lee
Real Name: Ask Mr. Weiner
Born: November 25, 1983
Birthplace: Macon, Georgia
Occupation: Pornstar and Feature Dancer
Hair: Blonde
Height: Five Feet, 2 Inches
Weight: 106 Pounds
Five Feet, 2 Inches + 106 Pounds = SPINNER
Odd Fact: She wants to meet Wayne Newton
because he can help her get a penguin(Serious)